Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day Six - 100 Days of Gratitude: Hope and Comfort

Prompt:  Share a verse or song that brings hope and comfort.

Sometimes hope is illusive and comfort difficult to find.  It is in these times that I often find solace in humor.  Laughter sees me through even though I may not be the one laughing.  If I can make those around me smile, if I can make them giggle, if I can be just silly enough to change their day, then I am good and healing is present, hope returns, and I leave a room walking just a little higher.

On a particularly hectic morning, I arrived to class only to discover that the printer was empty of paper.  This is not surprising.  It happens often, but this time it was exasperating.  It might have been a Monday or any other day that might be like a Monday.   It was that last straw that never is really the last, well, straw.

I sprinted down the hall to the workroom and reached for the cabinet door of which behind I would find stacks and stacks of reams of paper.  As I was reaching, the pink post-it caught my eye.  I, too, was unhinged.  I laughed. Hope that the day would be a good one was restored.

It's okay to be a bit unhinged every now and then.  It keeps my grateful for the hope and comfort I find in laughter, in life, and in the ones I care for and love.  It's simple like Sara Groves' song It's Gonna Be Alright.

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