Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day Four - 100 Days of Gratitude: Singing In The Rain

The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.  Psalm 28.7 ESV

Prompt:  Write this verse in your Gratitude Journal. Pray it. What song does your heart feel like singing to God? Share your song with us!

I sang a lot as a child. I was a Girl Scout that knew every camp song ever sung like Cadalina Madalina, Kumbaya, Dem Bones.  As small girls, we had not completely honed our campfire singing skills but we were likely effective in keeping away the bears and such beasts that creep in the dark woods.  We were good with that.

I continued to sing as a tween and even sang and danced in the middle school talent show.   Our group was called Speedy and the Speedettes.  Speedy was a friend.  The Speedettes?  I was one.  We wore white short shorts and red t-shirts with silver sequined question marks glued to the front.  I can't remember what the question mark was for and am not quite sure there ever was a reason.  We sang and danced to the popular 1974 hit Fire by The Ohio Players.  We thought we were cool.  Doesn't everyone in middle school think they're cool?  The music was so loud, the audience could not hear us sing. 

In high school I signed up for choir.  I was excited.  Fortunately, it was just a matter of signing up and no audition was required.  By the second day of school, the piano player's father had been transferred out of state.  I was the only other piano player.  I spent three years accompanying the high school choir and didn't, fortunately for the director, sing a note. 

As an adult, I have come to learn that it is always best for me to sing in a crowd.  Any time I have ever sung in church, I have strategically stood beside a known poor singer or a really loud one.  I don't want anyone to know I really can't sing.  Really.  I do sing in the kitchen while cooking when no one is around and I can belt out a loud tune in the car on the way to work, but, really, I should not sing.

One of my favorite movies is Singing in the Rain.  I have always wanted to dance in the rain, spinning around with my flowery umbrella while singing and kicking the water into the air.  Afterall, Gene's heart was full of sunshine and he was ready for love.  Yep.  I am a sucker for good old fashion romance.

When I think of gospel music, I think of Rich Mullins, and when I think of a song I am grateful for, that I sing often when God and I are alone in the kitchen, I sing Screen Door. My friend Rich never wore shoes on stage.  He touched my soul and heart with his music and he sang with such passion that I thought God must be sitting in the audience at that very moment the lyrics danced from the sstage.  I am grateful for the reminder this song offers:  

"Faith without works is like a song you can't sing.  It's about as useless as a screen door on a submarine."

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