Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Little House Shawl

I grew up with the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I devoured her books then like I do dark chocolate now. 

As a young girl, I enjoyed Laura's stories played out on television as well.

As an adult, I approach Laura's texts a bit differently.  She was a great feminist writer.  Most only see this in the writing she did for the Mansfield newspaper late in her life, but the best of feminist values as they should be were in the stories of Laura and her family. What used to be an adventurous story is now an appreciation for a simple yet difficult time period in the lives of those who came before me.  The values of Laura's childhood still remain in the desires for my life today.  Family is first. Survival is necessary and every day counts. It's home, and all who dwell there, that matters most.

Current favorite authors of mine, writer and knitter Joanna Johnson, and husband and illustrator Eric Johnson have stolen my heart with their simple and old school value packed stories like those featuring  Phoebe and Freddie.

Picture courtesy of Slate Falls Press
You can find Joanna and Eric's story here, their beautiful books here, and their shoppe here.  Joanna shares her wonderful knitting patterns through their books, shoppe, and on Ravelry.

Photo courtesy of Slate Falls Press
I couldn't help but share this sweet illustration as this is the shoppe of my dreams. Wouldn't you love to shop here?  I need a signed print of this sweet picture for my studio.

Photo courtesy of Slate Falls Press
Last year, I purchased Joanna's sweet Little House Shawl pattern.  It is such a sweet shawl.  I know, I know, it's a children's pattern.  I added a few rows and used a heavier weight yarn to make a shawlette for myself.  I rarely knit for myself.  I seem to give everything away, but this one is for me.  I love it.

I believe that Laura would be pleased.  Since I live within an hour of the place where Laura wrote the Little House books, I will be wearing this little shawl on my next visit.

See Laura's house?  That little porch to the left was her summer baking kitchen.  I should have a baking kitchen.  I'll put that on the honey-do list.  The amazing rock fireplace has a sweet story behind it.  All of the rocks were collected by Manly and Laura.  On the inside the rock goes from hearth to ceiling.  Manly was exasperated by Laura's desire to have the entire fireplace and chimney made of rock culled from their land.  He refused.  She cried.  She got her way.

Although the shawl appears to be chicken approved, I will post a pattern review and a yarn review soon.  Hey, Joanna, my chickens obviously want to star in your next book.  

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