Monday, March 2, 2015

I Want To Be In The Limelife...don't you?

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I am a planner.  I suspect I come from a long line of planners.  My mother is a planner and her mother before her was a planner.  It makes sense that Grandma was a planner.  She did, afterall, have ten children to keep track of.  My brother is a planner ad nausea-um. He loves to plan so much that it is the plan, the anticipation, the details, he loves far more than the actual planned activity.  Go figure.

I am truly the most disorganized organized person I know.  My cookbooks are neat on a shelf and recipe cards, except for cookie recipes, are organized in a vintage loaf pan.  The cookie recipes have their own box as they should.  My soup cans are in alphabetical order.  I would take a picture and show you, but you would realize that there are only two cans of soup in my pantry at this time.  They are, however, in order.  I want to be organized.  I yearn to be organized. I pray to be organized. I organize.  My linen closet is lovely, my computer files in order, my shoes in a rack, and my clothing organized by type. Okay, there are few shoes under the bed, but you will not look there. Right?

My days are organized. As an instructor my schedule often shifts from semester to semester, but I teach Freshman Composition and college success courses day after day and semester after semester.  It's all quite routine.

My yarn is in a basket, my notions in a tin in the basket.

There is a tote for take along projects and one for home.  It is all quite civilized really.  It all looks good here, on the computer screen.  You would think I am without organizational fault.  Well.  You are would be wrong.

This is how my life and time are currently, um, organized.

And, this.

And, this.

And, here is the bag I am toting around with me each day from office to class to class and back again. This pretty much sums it up right now.

Yep.  Here it is in its ugliness.  It's humiliating really.  I am looking for a new home, taking care of children, being a guardian to my disabled brother, power of attorney for my parents, teacher to my students, leader to my teachers, friend to my friends, and a good woman to my man.  Life is complicated.  I need to keep track of me, and him, and her, and him, and him, and her.  I need to track hours for my administrative work at the college, course schedules and plans, grading, and writing.  The donkey, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 sheep, 8 goats, and 19 chickens have schedules as well.  Even the vegetable seeds are on a schedule.  I need to set time aside for the creative energy I crave.  Oh, and then there is that new Etsy shoppe.  Life is full.  Life is good. 

For the last two years, I have used a web based organizer and it worked well until things sort of became too much.  Feeling overwhelmed would discourage me from opening the planning application on my phone.  This, in turn, created more stress.  My drop down to-do lists dropped down too far. I was forgetting things. It was all too much and I have decided to go back to my trustworthy friends, pen and paper.  Professor of Educational Psychology, Virginia Berninger, has offered up brain scans that show writing it down helps make it stick.  She discovered that as your hand creates each stroke of each letter a larger portion of the brain is activated than when merely typing.  It's as if there is more care in the importance of the task or activity.  My life is important enough to write down.  I have spent two full months agonizing over the choice of what planner to use.  I need control over some of it.  I need to be able to make it my own.  It must inspire me to open it and look inside.  It must be willing to be a faithful companion. I am hoping to make Esther my planner of choice.

As a blogger, I enjoy the blogging whims and fancies of others.  Blogging brings about a personal connection between people across the world, like minded domestics like myself, and buyers and sellers.  Once I had decided to order Esther, from the great folks at Limelife, I checked out their blog to find they are looking for a few someones, like me I hope, to take on the Limelife adventure and write about it.  I would be most happy to and am here today to share this post as my application for becoming a member of their creative team.  It's so exciting just to apply!

So, in the immortal words of Donkey..."pick me! Pick me! Oh, oh, pick me!"

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