Saturday, January 24, 2015

Simple Rosette Shade

 I have trouble ridding myself of things that are still perfectly good, perfectly usable.  I often make plans for those things that no longer apply to life, but struggle to follow through on those plans as life moves swiftly and busily.  I just never get around to making the plan an action.

One such project was the upcycle of an old lamp shade.  This hot pink, fuzzy lampshade had once belonged to an inexpensive lamp that years ago lit my daughter's little girl bedroom. 



Eighteen months ago, I played around with some yarn leftover from another project.  I made as many rosettes as I could from the leftovers.  I made a plan then tucked the plan away for another day.


Motivated by Red Berry Crochet and her 52 Week Crochet Challenge, I trimmed the ends off my many colorful rosettes and scavenged for the long forgotten lampshade.  This week's challenge was to create a crochet flower to celebrate Spring.  I think I met the challenge.

I played around with arrangement.

Then attached the rosettes to the old lampshade.


I was unhappy with the bottom edge, so I made a little yellow ruffle to trim the bottom of the shade.


I am excited about the results and it was great fun to make then photograph.  It is still sitting in the bright light of my home office and every time I walk by and see it, I smile.  It makes me happy even though I have no ideas where in my home this bright shade will reside.  It will be interesting to see how it looks this evening when I flip the switch and see the shade lit from within. 

Pattern and tutorial coming soon!  

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