Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pink Cadillacs and Edsels

The rain began to clear and we headed west.  Our plan was to stop at the Cadillac Ranch, but the roads and fields were flooded.  We shopped the gift shop for our spray paint and stowed it in the car with a promise to stop at the ranch on our way home.  LibbyLu was very excited about the opportunity to purchase spray paint.  She is well aware that, as a teenager, she can not purchase spray paint in her home state.  You can see the storm we left behind in the above photo.  Who doesn't love a pink Cadillac?

The sun began to shine as we headed out of Texas and into New Mexico.  Like my shades? We had shaken off our near miss and were beginning to return to our good time.  We stopped in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. The last time I traveled through here on my move from California to Missouri, I stopped in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, late one evening.  I was tired and needed sleep.  I stayed in a less than four star roadside motel.  There was nothing else available.  Business has really picked up in Santa Rosa over the years.  

You can't really call it a road trip, if you don't stop to see the oddities of the landscape in which one travels and oddities we found.  How could we resist a stop at the Route 66 Auto Museum after this sweet ride caught our eye?


This is not your father's Edsel.

The museum was closed for the day, but we enjoyed a few graphic photo opportunities.

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