Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Crochet Pinchushion Present

Not so long ago my friend, Karen, sent out a message into cyberspace asking for volunteer recipients of a lovely little gift via snail mail.  How sweet I thought and how could I resist a sweet little goody in the mail rather than the drull daily junk mail and bills?  Have you noticed that this is all that is found in mailboxes these days?  

I messaged Karen back toot sweet and said I would love to volunteer only if it could be a trade and not a one way gifting.  Not a whole minute went by when I noticed her address in my message box.  Yippee!  A trade of happiness was about to happen.

Karen has recently taken up needle and thread and jumped head first into the joy of domestic arts.  She loves bright colors, so I chose red for her heart, hot pink for her spark and hot orange for her beautiful hair.  If you knew her, you would know the hot orange to be quite the perfect match for her.

I hope this pincushion becomes part of her creative life.  I am very excited to get it in the mail to her, but am thinking she needs a few fat quarters to go with it, so when the snow is plowed away and the ice melts, off to Merrily We Quilt Along I will go.

I used Sandra Paul's free pattern, African Flower Pincushion.  You can find Sandra's blog post about the pincushion here and her pattern is available here.   Sandra has photographed a fabulous tutorial on her blog here.  

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