Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Creative Journaling

I have these already; although, none are crochet exclusive.  I have nurtured my blog off and on for several years.  You can check out a few of my crochet projects here, here, and here.  I keep track of my projects on Ravelry.  And have a super fun inspiration board on Pinterest.  If that’s not enough, I have a few non virtual creative spaces as well.

One of my favorite artists, Leonardo Da Vinci, kept many, many notebooks.  It is assumed that he began creating his sketchbooks to work on improving his painting.  He sketched anatomy invented machines for healing and machines for war.  He thought with quill and paper about things that seemed in impossible but are now reality.  Tucked between unbelievable images and the curves of human anatomy were grocery lists, to-do lists, notes about solicitors, benefactors, and others who passed through his life.  His sketchbooks were mirrors of his thoughts, his life, and the happenings he ventured. 

I have several sketchbooks filled with inspiration.  I wish I spent more time with these tools than I allow.  I have a small notebook which you may have seen here. This notebook is easy to slip in my yarny-to-go bag.  This is where I have recorded the details and notes for the 2014 BOM CAL. 

This small notebook also includes patterns I create such as the blanket I made for my parent’s to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.   You can see the finished blanket here.

I also have sketchbooks I use for costuming.  A few years ago I designed a production of Tartuffe.  The 1950s-60s was my inspiration.  You can see how these ideas played out (excuse the pun) here, here, and here.

Three years ago, I enrolled in a painting class at my college.  It was a way to push myself out of my comfort zone and opportunity to remind myself of the perspective my students bring to my own classroom.  It was a summer course, and I was saddened for it to be over so quickly.  The course required that we keep a sketchbook.  I fell in love with this creative process and spent a good deal of time playing in it.

Artist's Study -VanGogh - Blue Vase

A few months ago, a puppy we were loving, made a chew toy out of my sketchbook.  I have gotten over most of the trauma and have even entertained the idea of re-doing the sketchbook into a new one.  Don’t worry.  I came to my senses.  Sketchbooks are not always beautiful, not always organized.  The chewed book is part of my story and I am good with that.

Although I appear organized in my creativity, you should know that there is much evidence that I buy into the idea of creative chaos.  Life is good that way.  Thank you, Red Berry Crochet for challenging me to look in a new way at my creative life.  I encourage my creative friends to join the challenge.  To do so, click here for details.

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