Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcoming 2014

 Good New Year to you.  I hope your transition into the new year is happy, warm, and healthy for you.  The holidays have been wonderfully uneventful and quiet.  Quiet is just good some times.  Right?  We had a rough road into the holidays with flu bugs, colds, too many snow days messing with final exams, and my cheer girl even suffered a broken nose.  Sigh.  We are in a new home and we didn't decorate much for the holidays, well, not as much as I have in the past. Rest was the primary goal.  Schools begins next week and I think the rest has done us good.  Before the flu bug claimed me, I was planning on an evening with friends for a small New Year's Eve celebration.  Here is our New Year's mantel.


I have been wanting a chalkboard for the mantel for some time now.  Fair warning - I will be using it a good deal this year.  My initial goal was to find a cool frame to create a chalkboard, but I found this great children's chalkboard and could not resist.


Clearly, the chalkboard has been used before, played with and loved.  It could likely use a new surface with a new coat of chalkboard paint, but I sort of like the imperfections.  I primed the chalkboard following Kristen's Chalkboard Primer 101 from her blog, Ella Claire.


And, I used Courtney's design as inspiration for my lettering.  You can check out her blog, Sweet C's Designs, here.

I scavenged for glittery, snowy, like goodies at my local stuff mart just a few days after Christmas.  I found sliver and gold clip on birds, flowers, and butterflies to scatter her and there.  Super glittery and super cheap.

 I found four clocks for a total of six dollars while thrifting.  I was very excited about this find on the cheap, cheap, cheap.


I even found a pair of silver plated champagne glasses.  These are engraved for New Year's 2000, but it is light and barely noticeable. That's right.  Three bucks!

I found a few sparkly pieces of glass - a bowl and vase and added a couple of pieces I already owned.  

I scattered a string of twinkle lights under silver and white garland and placed flickering tea lights in crystal.

I printed out this free subway art from  Erin's blog, How to Nest For Less.  I wasn't thrilled with the wood finish of the frame and will likely paint it white or black.

That's it.  A sparkly, great mantel on the cheap, cheap, cheap.  I hope the new year brings your good health, joy and great happiness.

I have linked this fun to Tater Tots and Jello.

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