Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yo-yo UFO


I have been trying to finish up some unfinished business this year while keeping up with want-to-dos, have-to-dos, and gifts.  The log cabin knitting is coming along as I have been using up leftover yarn while watching a little television with LibbyLu while she has suffered a bad cold early in the season.  I just started block three last night while watching the Hunger Games.  The movie was interesting and disturbing, but LibbyLu have convinced me that I need to read the book and quick before the second movie arrives on the scene.  These Yo-yos are actually part of a painting project I worked on last summer.  I am longing to paint, but am having trouble making the time to do so. 

I managed to take some time last weekend to reorganize my thoughts, yo-yos, and circles.  I sorted a bit and played with the order of things.

At the beginning of this past summer, we were asked to pack up our offices for renovation.  The office was painted and new carpet was installed; although neither update was needed.  My office went from a calming and subtle moss green to a cold putty color.  It is discouraging.  I have been on a mission to make the environment more work friendly.  This yo-yo art is part of that plan, so I am trying to make it happen before winter break.   We are at mid-term and I am down to one box of files to sort through.  There were many boxes.

I made a commitment to myself not to unpack by throwing files and papers back in the drawers without sorting, purging and rethinking.  So far, I am lighter in all things paper and that is a very good feeling for a teacher, I can assure you.

Apparently, systems are important to me even at work and with my art.  Every yo-yo is numbered and will have a place, as specific place.  There is a plan.


  1. I love the stitching and the colors you have photographed. I'm excited to see the finished painting :)

  2. I agree that you should read the book The Hunger Games so you will understand the movie. In fact, read the whole trilogy. I really enjoyed it.

  3. I like your art, and I admire your talent.