Saturday, October 20, 2012

Worry For Nothing

 We were worried that because we had a long, hot, extended summer and I mean long and hot, our annual fall color would be squelched.  We are happily wrong.


I took a walk this afternoon.  The weather has been somewhat cool, but today is a warm seventy degrees. 

The sky is as blue as can be today.  The perfect back drop to fall color.

Summer and fall are still competing.

Yards are already piling with crunchy leaves and Halloween decorations are appearing on porches as we prepare for this and this and more of this.

There are still reminders in a few of the trees of the drought conditions of this past summer and the ice-storm a few years ago.

I used to use the children in my life as an excuse to pick up a leaf here and there, but really, I simply can not resist when there are leaves like this.

At the end of our walk, as we crossed the street to our front walk, I looked left...

 ...then right.

We are so lucky.