Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not About Cupcakes or Knitting

You know me. I post about school events, art events, cupcakes, knitting, and many and all things that seem not important, not Earth shattering, and not movement causing. I just love this space to be here to connect with you, and you, and, yes, even you. But,…

…those of you who know me well know that there are times when I just can’t keep my mouth shut. Some have called me, Kelly with a Cause (I may need a cape.), and some are acutely aware that sometimes, things, things I deem stupid, just plain make me mad. It is my mother’s fault.

Halloween is a huge event in our neighborhood. I will buy and easily give away three thousand pieces of candy, one piece at a time, throughout the evening and will likely have to turn the porch light out before ten o’clock. We, like our neighbors, will spend hours making our homes look spooktacular, and we will dress up. I will have purple hair. Our friends will meet up at our house to begin the fun. I love them. Dragons, Presidents, imps, elves, princesses, and all things scary will come to our porch begging candy. It is the most fun.

A neighbor has brought up the idea that we should all remove political signs from our yards on October 31. Apparently, “Halloween and the election are completely unrelated events and the signs take away from the beauty of our neighborhood.”

Here is my response:

I think the signs simply need to be moved closer to bushes and trees so children do not trip on them. The signs have been a topic of great interest for my children as we drive through the neighborhood. Through this discussion, my children are learning about democracy and the importance of an informed vote. They are learning not everyone agrees with them, or that they necessarily agree with their parents. The signs show it is important to think and research the candidates and issues. The signs show that we have this most amazing right and privilege to choose who represents what is important to us. The signs show that our neighbors care about our democracy. I hope you are right in that the signs and the election will have little to do with one another - I would hate to think the next President will ban Halloween or any other freedom to do what we enjoy, but, other nations, without democracy, do not enjoy our freedoms as we do. I am happy to move signs out of the way to keep our children safe, but I won't show my children that democracy takes a break.


  1. Well said! I am total agreement! Looks like a spooktacular time at your house on Halloween!!!
    xo Kris

  2. I totally agree Kelly. If we don't speak up some would run us over! Enjoy your Halloween!

  3. LOVE your response! Have a great Halloween. :)

  4. You. Are. Incredible.
    What a role model for your children!