Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Crowning


The kids at my daughter's school have been looking forward to May Crowning for weeks.  There was much discussion about what to wear.  And, there was much talk of going to the mall.  The boys sported new ties and the girls new dresses.  It is not easy taking pictures in the cathedral.  The light is quite soft, but John snapped a few because I was not able to skip class for this event.  There is LibbyLu in my bow and pearls, her Mimi's sweater and a dress she made with a little help from her Mimi and me.  She did a good deal of the sewing and the dress turned out stunning.  A great first sewing of this level.  I think she may be motivated to create more dresses for the summer.  I sure hope so, because it was marvelous mother daughter time. 

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  1. She did a great job Kelly. She could be a dress designer. You must be very proud of her.