Sunday, April 22, 2012

Teachers Go To School, Too

It has been a very busy week.  The family was left to their own devices and my classes to their writing while I attended a Student Success Institute in Jefferson City. I learned a good deal about Process Learning and what I do in my classroom already.  It is nice to learn that what I strive for in teaching is a good thing.

After dinner Thursday, I took a walk.  We were staying just two blocks from the capitol building.  A short jaunt up the hill, past the Truman Building, and past the Catholic church, I wandered around the fountain gazed over the railroad tracks to the Missouri River.  It was flowing fast, but peaceful. The weather was warm with a small breeze.  I walked past the capitol and around the Governor's Mansion.  The mansion is simply lovely. 

I always enjoy walking among history in this way.  I will be back in the classroom in the morning.  I hope your week has been wonderful.


  1. Well, I had a wonderful week, except for the two long days dreading you leaving and the relentless, lonely misery the three days you were gone. It is always wonderful having you here, but it is extra nice having you back.

  2. I'm a retired teacher of special education and reading specialist my last 8 yrs. I know all about going to school all the time. We love learning, don't we? I'm loving retirement but I loved my years of teaching. Things were changing in the last few years that made it difficult for me to "keep my opinions to myself". I knew it was time to pass the torch and let a younger generation take over.
    I adore your cute table topper!! The colors remind me of patterns by Amy Brantley.
    Gmama Jane
    BTW, would you please consider removing the word verification from your comments? I usually won't return to blogs that have WV and there is abig push to ask bloggers to remove it so it is more user friendly. My eyes have so much trouble seeing the letters. Plus, most people don't even know you have it since you never see it. I didn't know it until a friend told me and asked me to consider removing it. My comments went up exponentially!! Just sayin...