Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tah-dah! Go Irish! Spirit Scarf

You must think I am lazy, but I am not. Life just gets so crazy at times that blogging gets lost in the fray. We have just concluded school cheer season only to have track season begin and all right in the middle of competition cheer season. There are practices and extra practices. I do a lot of waiting I do. I wait during practice, wait after school, wait and wait and wait. I try not to be idle during these times and often have a knitting bag or a laptop with me to create or to work or both. Track practice is close to my parents' home, so quick visits there have been a real treat. Mom and I are still working on applique. I am still not very good, but she is a most excellent and encouraging teacher. Right now, I have her all to myself, but you can find her teaching her craft here next fall.

Starting way back in August on the first day of the first cheer practice I started this spirit scarf for LibbyLu. Go Irish! I spent many a bleacher sitting hour knitting in the round during practices and most of the girls' basketball season. I finished it just weeks ago in enough time to wear it on the very few cold days we had this winter. I think it came out pretty good. LibbyLu certainly makes it look good. Don't you think?

It matched her uniform perfectly and I am hoping and praying the high school team does not change uniforms, or the shade of green, next year, or I will be knitting my way through football season.

It is very Harry Potteresque, all stripey, long, warm and long fringe. She is a tall girl yet it nearly touches the ground when not wrapped around her neck.

She had a good season finding that school cheer is not quite like competition cheer. She enjoyed the crowds and, well, the boys. Hmpf.

She loves the scorpion.

And, can jump like nobody's business. Now, that's what I call catching air.

The team is made up of girls from three different schools. She has made good friends and will spend lots of time with them over the next four years in high school

Tryouts for high school cheer is at the end of this month and the same week she has track practices, two track meets, and a cheer competition. Looks like I will be waiting a good deal more.

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  1. This is a great post. You better keep those knitting needles close. Four years is a looooong time. I speak from experience!

  2. I was drawn to the photo of this scar from your Tip Junkie link. But not because it's St. Patty's week -- because my high school mascot was the Irish too. I like the bold colors, and the Potter-ish length. Nice job.