Monday, March 19, 2012


It has been an unusually warm winter here in Southwest Missouri. We had little snow and no snow days. This was disappointing to both children and teaching parents alike in our household. I do love a snow day every now and again. The trees bloomed in early March, some of which are already leafing out. It happened so fast. Humidity is already here. Summer has threatened but a healthy spring storm is racing across Kansas. John has gone out for a walk this morning to take pictures as we are expecting torrential downpours today and we fear the beautiful blossoms in our neighborhood will be washed away all too soon, before we are able to enjoy their beauty. Spring break is here and my to do list is long as I have challenged myself to complete a large project that, hopefully, will make for a more creative life. This morning, I am working on something fun for Easter. This is just a peek.

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