Friday, January 13, 2012

Wrapping Up The Holiday

Life has been pretty busy around unDeniably Domestic this week. Boys' basketball is in full swing so we are doing some bleacher sitting. Ouch. Competitive cheer season is here, so extra practices are popping up on the schedule. Classes begin on Tuesday, so I have been working hard to get everything online and ready for students. I have just a couple of days to finish up my winter projects and I just might make it. I have been doing some creative work and will update you over the weekend. In the meantime, I would like to share a little bit of what we tucked into boxes this past week. It did not seem like the Christmas holiday was very long this year. The living room looks back to normal. The village has been carefully put away.

My favorite decorations are found in the kitchen.

I love this little tree in the baking kitchen. I love it so much that I have threatened to replace the ornaments with hearts and leave it out a little longer.

A bowl of sweet vintage on the small table in the kitchen makes me happy.

Time to change the sprinkles to pink and red.

We are still using the table top tree also known as the grand baby proof tree. It is fun, sweet and not so much work as our traditional routine. The quilt is one that was made by my mother and has hung in her house for many years. She loaned it to me for LuLu's enjoyment. Don't worry, Mom, I will bring it back soon.

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  1. Sweet ornaments/trees. We just got our tree down today. I love that you change your sprinkles around for the appropriate holidays, and that they have a special place on the wall. :o)