Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Neat and Sweet

Spring cleaning and project completion comes early around here. I am a teacher and our longest break of the year is the one between fall and spring semesters. No, most teachers don't get summers off. Sigh. I was reading blogs this morning and was heading back to my home office with a fresh cup of coffee, when this view caught my eye. A clean and organized bedroom. It felt so good, that I thought I would snap a few pictures to share. The light is not good. It is early and winter. This side of the house has a northern exposure making it a bit dim in the winter time. I don't really mind as this means the winter sun is shining through the baking kitchen windows this time of year and the room is simply alive with light. This is a very good thing. Please don't mind that I did not make the bed for pictures - it is more authentic this way. This picture also reveals that I have a grandbaby that often stays with me. The sitting room is perfect for a basket of toys and a crib. I managed to get through the bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom in three afternoons. I purged old sweaters, old shoes and scratchy socks from the closet and drawers. I cleaned out the boxes under the bed and the drawers in the dressers and nightstand. It feels good. My shoes are no longer throwing parties under the bed.

And, my sweaters are neatly folded.

The gloves peeking out from the basket are from a night some thirty years ago. I wore a red dress and flowers in my hair.

This is my nightstand - one of the many places in my home that gets messy easily. What you don't see are the cough drop wrappers and tissue that I pushed ever so slightly to the left for this picture. That is reality - a winter holiday cold hanging on and on. The lamp is another story for another time.

This clock was stitched by mother as a gift to my paternal grandparents. I have it now and the tick, tick, tick of this beautiful piece often helps me fall asleep at night.

This is not an antique, but has that feel. I purchased this sweet Victorian nightie for a special picture with my newborn nearly fourteen years ago. It hangs on the door between my bedroom and my sitting room. See the pretty crazy quilt pendant? Isn't is sweet? My mother made this twenty five years ago.

A pretty antique blouse and petticoat hang behind the door.

My jewelry is in its place.

The blankets are folder neatly on the hope chest.

This sweet dress was made for LibbyLu by my mother. I love it so much.

What now? Well, three rooms remain on the winter break list: laundry room, studio, and office. Which should I work on next?


  1. Yes, Sweet Thang, the room is beautiful and happy and makes me love you all the more. The sad thing, though, which your readers may already know, is that this room is the butchest in our house, the closest we have to a man-cave. Not shown in the photos are my acoustic bass, Bose docking station and the classic Elvis mug on my dresser - oh, and the aluminum baseball bat behind the door - the only hints of testosterone north of the basement. And it only endears you to me....

  2. I love John's comment. Now we know all! ;)))

    Seriously, I love the pink. We just painted our bedroom and sitting room a very light pink (it had been antique white). We have dark red drapes and carpet. The fireplace in the sitting room is also red. Believe it or not it was My Honey who suggested the light pink for the walls this time. It's perfect! Not bad for an engineer, huh! So our sitting room which is our "couple cave" is extra warm and comfy now.

  3. Its a very pretty room. I am jealous of all the wonderful mementos that you display. and your hardwood floors. We covered ours because dog nails and hardwood floors are not compatible.

    About 2 miles from here, there is a wood recycle plant. The commissioners say it doesn't cause dust, but we know better. I have put most things away that can't be easily dusted.

    My mother always had light pink walls in the living room and I always felt it added to the charm of our home.

  4. Hi Kelly! Oh I just love your pink bedroom. I have a pink kitchen island but have yet to have the courage to paint a room pink. I believe you have provided the inspiration to do so. I am your newest follower! Blessings today!

  5. black.berry@gmx.deJanuary 4, 2012 at 1:33 PM

    Dear Kelly,
    since you say that our attention and our comments are welcome, I hope to make your day sunny by leaving you a compliment. Surfing across quilting blogs, I stumbled across yours by chance, but despite the lack of quilting-related topics I kept reading because of the wonderful language that you use. I know this might sound strange to you. I will try to explain: I have lived in Europe all my life, but since I was raised bilingually by an English speaking mother, I read and speak the language fairly well. I admit that I can't express myself as well as I'd like to because my English is rusty from disuse. But I make a point of reading in English as much as I can to keep my "mother tongue" alive. This is why I appreciate the beautiful way you write. Your childhood memories came alive for me in the post about your father and his work life/retirement. Please consider writing a book. And it's really too bad you don't teach writing in Germany. :-)
    Take care.

  6. Oh what a darling room and how I love a neat and organized environment as well. That room is so cheery. Wonderful place to wake up each day.