Friday, January 27, 2012

LucyLu HOO!

I have enjoyed making clothes and costumes for my children. I hope they will remember the fun of these projects as I remember the wonderful dresses, Barbie clothes, and costumes my mother made for me while growing up. It is hard to pick favorites. I have helped create a princess, a mime, a princess, a china doll, a princess, a fairy, a princess, a bunch of grapes, a princess, Minnie Mouse and many more. This year I was blessed to create, for LucyLu, an owl. She was adorable.

LucyLu is a tough one to take pictures of. She is nearly always moving and has a quite frankly I don't give a daisy attitude when you ask her to pose. Here is a rare still moment in front of Word World.

I was inspired by Christine's Pink Owl Costume. You can visit Christine, and check out her sweet, pink, girly owl on her blog, Pure Joy Events. The tutorial is wonderful and you will find templates to download for your own owl creation.

Photo credit : Pure Joy Events

I hooked LucyLu's owl hat from a pattern created by Inner Hooker. Click here to order Scotti's pattern. The pattern is wonderfully organized, clear and easily understandable. I believe it took me less than an hour and a half to complete and LucyLu loves it.


  1. My favorite age! Your daughter is so cute and I can tell she really loved the costume.

    As my daughter was growing up, she didn't want to have anything to do with sewing, though we shared other crafts.

    When my grandsons were small, she used to make the most elaborate costumes for them by hand with no pattern. They were amazing.

    Kids do remember!

  2. Oh, how SWEET!! What wonderful costumes! Your little one is precious.

  3. Love the costume Kelly, Libby Lu looks so cute. The hardest one I dis was the year I made tweety bird for Kristy and sylvster the cat for Bryan. I still have those costumes. Your birthday present is still sitting in my house, will be on its way this week. Love you, you talent niece. Love you, Aunt Kathy

  4. This is such a cute costume! My friend's grandma made a similar owl hat for her great grandchildren. It is so adorable that it inspired me to learn how to crochet. I am still working on the basics, but cute hats like these are my goal. Nice job!