Friday, December 30, 2011

Do you Pin?

Photo Credit: 100 Billion Stars

One of my new loves this year has been Pinterest. It can become quite the distraction while I am online. I often use a Pinterest browsing session as a reward for grading diligently, for completing a not so fun household chore, or just because I am worth it. Right? I invite you to follow my boards:

Follow Me on Pinterest

And, don't forget to let me know if this is a new obsession of yours as well. I would love to see what you are pinning.

My favorite pin of the week is this Gigi Pincushion. You can find this one at 100 Billion Stars - click here. The free pattern for the Gigi Pincushion has been shared by FreeSpirit Fabric. Here is their version:

Photo credit: FreeSpirit

Happy pinning!


  1. I must confess I'm addicted to Pinterest. So many great ideas. Check out my pins at
    Love the pincushion you shared on your post. I recently pinned some pincushions to my boards.

  2. Bonnie,

    Thank you for dropping by. Your boards are far more well organized than mine. I loved your hook and needle board and could not resist re-pinning one or two.


  3. Oh yes, I'm a pinner!!! It can be addictive and so fun.

  4. Love Pinterest! It's fabulous for the nights the insomnia is a beast. :)
    Started following some of your boards. I'm Amers on there.

  5. WOW, how have I missed pinterest?! I'm going to look into it and begin pinning...such fun! I'm quite excited!