Sunday, July 3, 2011

From My Mother's Garden

A recent assignment for my painting class was to go out into nature and find color we love. This was not too hard, because I have always admired and loved the color and textures of my mother's garden. She has not worked in the yard as much this year as years past as taking good care of Dad puts such things on the back burner, but there are still amazing things happening in her garden.


  1. So pretty. Aren't flowers wonderful!

  2. So pretty! Did you all enjoy the rain yesterday? Your blog title reminds of the book/quote from Alice Walker: "In search of my mother's garden I found my own..." Happy 4th!

  3. Thank you for your comment on my new start of a blanket on The Floser Bed...the blanket will go slowly, so don't expect to much crochet from me in short times :-)because I have a bad arm now because of my brestcancer...

    Lovely greetings from Belgium

    Marjo's Cosy Corner

  4. Your photos are gorgeous, and your blog makes great reading,Love it !! Now following xx Ava