Sunday, June 26, 2011

Students in The House

I have recently discovered that when a girl crosses over to the teen years, she needs her mother more than ever before. The delimna lies in the idea that the teen thinks she needs her mother less than ever before. Finding common ground is difficult, but possible. LibbyLu is an accomplished artist indeed. We have encouraged her creative ways by having art supplies on hand, going to school exhibits, and generally telling her how wonderful her work is. This summer has been a busy one as I am encouraging LibbyLu's art while learning to be a student again and teaching. Who ever said teachers get summers off was clearly clueless. LibbyLu and I signed up for Painting I. This guarantees us twelve hours a week, together, doing something creative and something she is good at. She is at a distinct advantage, but I am learning what it is to be a student again. I am hoping this will help me to be a better teacher in our new developmental program debuting this fall. I will be teaching college success courses. I hope I survive this summer to share my experiences.

I was nervous from the get go and still am. Nervousness breeds procrastination. Teachers take note. I purchased our supplies and there were many: canvases, acrylic paint, water mixable oils, rags, brushes, etc. And, we purchased Confident Color - a wonderful book. It was a long list.

I have loved learning about color while working on our first two projects. We created a Value Chart and an Intensity chart. There is a lot of vocabulary to learn. Many of these words, I am not familiar with. It is a whole new world. Teachers take note.

Don't the student charts look amazing hung together in our studio? We have a great place to work twelve hours a week.

My favorite assignment thus far has been working in my sketchbook. You can see here that I am brainstorming for our Master's Study assignment.

After working with color theory, we put some of what we learned in practice by mixing values and intensity in oils. We covered canvases completely, wiped away values and added white and black, or complimentary colors. Here is one set. The first is LibbyLu's. Stunning.

And, um, mine. It is not yet finished, but this is likely as good as it will get.

Now, we are working on our Master's Study. LibbyLu chose Degas' Dressing. Here is the Master's work.

Here is LibbyLu's. Move over Master, here comes an amazing artist in the making.

She is finished. I am working on Master Van Gogh's, Flowers in a Blue Vase. This is what I have so far.

And, this is what is should look like. Don't hold your breath.


  1. :) Well, you and your daughter will find her inner arty selves, right? :)) It looks like a great deal of fun.

  2. This is just the kind of thing I would love to do with my girls. I love that you choose something your daughter loves and do and you both do it together. Way to go!
    Also, love the insight about teenagers and how much they still need us. And that we need to still be here for them.