Friday, June 3, 2011

A Sunday Story - The Storm

The summer has not begun quietly. The first two weeks have been busy. It began Sunday, May 22. Summer, for us was not quite here. Some of the girls were getting out of school that week and others this week. A small friend had a birthday party and placed her order for purple bunnies. This is how I spent my morning. It was a lovely pool part with plenty of sunshine and warm weather.

We settled in at home late in the afternoon. My grades were due the next morning. Storms were in the forecast. The sky darkened early on afternoon. Mom had called a warning knowing that I would not be watching television but grading essays. She was right. Knowing a storm would spoil the newly bloomed Peonies in the front yard I stepped out to cut a few. I grabbed the laptop and plopped down to grade in front of the television.

I was surprised to find a very colorful radar. The thunder began to build, but it was clear that the main part of the storm was looming over the Joplin area.

As the storm grew, so did our anxiety.

The thunder and lightening became so intense that I had to table grading and unplug all the electronics. We continued to watch and began to hear frightening rumors out of Joplin.

There is more to this Sunday Story than I can place in one post. You have all seen the news, the devastation in Joplin and the sadness.

As I continue to tell our small part of this story, I encourage you to check out my new blog, The Heart in Hand Project. Consider donating your talents to the cause as we work together to send comfort blankets to Joplin. I have seen the power of one prayer shawl, of one blanket, of one act of caring and hope you will join me. The site is new, but you can find the guidelines here. Also, please join The Heart in Hand Project on Ravelry as well. Knit a square. Crochet a square.


  1. How very scary. I'm glad to see you are OK. Your project is an excellent one.

    Big hugs,

  2. Hi Kelly, thank you for your visit and your comments on my blog. Your blog is very beautiful and I'm really inspired by your talent. I'm glad you are fine after the storm, how scary. I also joined 'The Heart in Hand' on Ravelry, such a thoughtfulness of you. Keep moving!
    Thank you and hope you have a great day!