Monday, June 13, 2011

A Sunday Story - The Day After

It is often easy to become discouraged with the bureaucracy that plagues academia. There seems to be a constant struggle between education and doing the business of education. But, there are times when these battles are set aside and this is one of those times. By 7:30am the morning after the Joplin tornado, our school, along with a local radio station set up a Joplin relief collection center. Students, faculty, administrators, families, and community members worked for four days collecting food, clothing and water for Joplin relief. By the end, $71,000.00 had been collected and was heading to Joplin through the Convoy of Hope. Thank you, OTC, for allowing my family and students the opportunity to do something of value when we all felt so helpless.

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To do something caring for Joplin with your hands, click here:

Picture for this post courtesy of KTTS and OTC.

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