Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Sunday Story - After the Storm

When the rain came no sirens sounded in our town. The radar was still green, yellow, orange and red. We were expecting, and prepared, to head to the basement, but this never happened. As news began to come of Joplin the thunder and rain stopped. We stepped outside to find what we were expecting - a rainbow. This double rainbow was far more intense than a photo can share, but it was brilliant.

The news out of Joplin was slow in coming. The sky began to fill with the kind of clouds that make you think you can reach up and touch.

Then, the sun began to set and the raging sky that left Joplin in ruin showed its stuff as it moved through ow town.

It became darker. The storm chaser on the Weather Channel broke down in tears as he was trying to report what he was seeing in Joplin. We were all a bit stunned by the images, shaken, and worried. But, there was an end of the storm and the beginning of something new for the rest of us.

To read the first part of this story click here.

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  1. Kelly,

    Your photos are amazing. I'm just sorry it brought such destruction with it.

  2. Kelly, you capture some amazing images. My heart still breaks for those who have lost so much. I have a lot family still in Missouri, and I include you and your family in with that group of loved ones.


  3. What a range of changes in the sky! Great images!