Saturday, March 19, 2011

Special Olympics 2011

Carrie, Grace and I spent a little time this past Fall and Winter hooking up some scarves for the Winter Special Olympics! This is a project so dear to my heart. I am privileged to be able to participate.

One or two were knitted. Our contribution was eight in total.

This event is sponsored by Red Heart each year. Colors change each year and this year's colors were Royal and Turqua.

We packaged each scarf up and with a good deal of help from the clerk at the post office, they were sent cheaply and quickly to make the March 4 deadline.

Colors for the 2012 Winter Special Olympics will be announced in April. Get ready.


  1. What a wonderful project! :) Lovely scarves.

  2. Very nice! Love the colors and what a nice project!

    I have a linky party on Fridays dedicated to knitting and crochet....I'd love if you stopped by on Friday and link up!

  3. The scarves loook great, thanks for sharing:)

  4. How beautiful they are! Great job! I love the colors!

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  5. Awesome job! I'm hoping I'll have time to make some for next year.