Friday, February 4, 2011

Sadie's Blanket

I finished hooking Sadie's blanket last night while watching a couple of episodes of Monk on Netflix. I was glad to finish it. Although a fun project in many ways, it seemed long. The part I love most, the ruffles, was a bit tedious by the end. I just wanted to finish. I spent a little time weaving in the ends this afternoon with the blanket laid out on the dining room table. The light is not good today as it is snowing yet again. Sigh. But, here are some ta-da pictures of the finished blanket.

I love that it is so girly and pink and ruffly.

The lacy ripple worked up quickly and evenly in the pomp.

Playing with ruffles was fun.

I crocheted this with Delight Pomp Yarn by Hobby Lobby. The yarn is soft and has a great drape when worked up. The only change I might have made was to hold two strands together for the main part of the blanket. I might be wrong, but the ruffle seems a bit heavy and doubling up the yarn in the center may better balance the blanket. On further thought, doubling up might take away the lacy effect I like so much.

Pomp, or pompadour, yarn refers to the silky thread wrapped round and round the fibers. I love the silky shine, but have never had much luck with other brands of this type of yarn. Often, I struggled with the silky thread separating and pulling. This would create snags in my work and mess with the tension.

Delight Pomp was smooth and rarely split. It is delightful work with. Hooking was smooth and effortless with an aluminum Boye hook.

Here is the main menu for Sadie's Blanket:

Sweet Delight Pomp Yarn ( 4 skeins) in Pink Dawn
Sweet Delight Pomp Yarn ( 2 skeins) in Naked

Total skeins - 6 X $5.29 a skein = $31.74

Yarn is 54% Acrylic, 36% Polyamide, 10% Rayon. Light worsted and can be laundered and dried in the machine.

Boye crochet hook F/5-3.75mm

I will write the pattern up soon as I am thinking of creating a boy's version as well.


  1. Love it!! So pretty!! Makes me want to get out my crochet hook!!

  2. I fail at every attempt of crochet! Beautiful!

  3. I stopped by your blog today. Love the ruffles.

  4. Ooooooo, ahhhhhhhh. No, seriously.
    That is beautiful. Lucky Sadie.

    I used to know how to cast on, but that's the extent of my yarnish talent.

    Btw, my birthday is in October.


  5. How pretty for a sweet little one! Very nice work!


  6. Beautiful as always. Sadie is a lucky little girl. Your talents seem to grow more every day. Mom

  7. I love this blanket! It is so beautiful. I am working on a knitted blanket, and it is taking me forever. I am your newest follower! Come check out my blog

  8. I love to crochet baby blankets and this one is beautiful. Let me know when you are posting the pattern, I would love to use it.

  9. Saw this on Tip Junkie and had to come see it because I have a Sadie too :) AND I noticed when I got here we have the same name! So I had to leave a comment!! Gorgeous blanket! I just got back into crocheting and have been making the animal hats and such! Hope to post some soon! But this blanket is just gorgeous and I would love to make something like this!


  10. Pretty in pink, undeniably adorable