Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Losing a Friday Night Friend

Borders Booksellers has filed for bankruptcy and our local store is being closed. This is the last book purchased there on a Friday evening, sipping a mocha, while listening to live music. This bookstore is a favorite haunt of ours and we are feeling a bit lost to find a way to replace this favorite activity. I loved sitting, chatting and reading the new magazines. There was plenty of space to hang out for a couple of hours reading and socializing. There was no alcohol so people were quiet and kind. The girls loved to sit and read. During February there would be live music in the cafe. We would hear old favorites and learn new songs. The best part of this store is the employees. They were all kind and took time to know their customers. On this last Friday night, buying this last book, the clerk asked about my dad's health and made sure I knew they missed seeing him. The tears rolled down my cheeks.

I suppose we could try the other bookseller, but we are unsure. Their cafe is small. The tables are small and close together. It is hard to talk and harder to relax. The magazines are on the opposite side of the store. It is clear they don't want us to stay too long.


  1. Kelly,

    Yes, it is sad to see your favorite bookseller or any other business close. From news reports the announced reason for Borders closure is the new popularity of electronic books. Perhaps it wasn't your local store that made the closure necessary. And, perhaps there is still a market there so this is an opportunity for you and/or others who enjoyed Borders to fill the gap with a new place that caters to what you enjoyed most there.


  2. I don't spend as much time there as your family does, but I will miss our Borders. I'm not a big fan of the other place. Borders has a better vibe, better layout, nicer staff and you don't pay for a membership card. I truly feel this is a big loss for our little community.

  3. I loved Borders also. But there is also this small bookstore in a town about 15 mins away from me that is privately owned. The owner is the only worker, she used to work for a B&N or Borders (I forget) as some sort of manager. The store is in an old building, and there are different rooms with different themes. One room has a castle theme (this is where the books for children are) and she has a knight's armor in there. It's really neat! I love that I am supporting a small business and helping this woman live her dream! Perhaps you can Google and see if there are any small business book stores by you. I hope you find another place!


  4. I love books also, it's too bad you're losing a favorite place. Do you happen to have a Hastings store in you're area? The one in my neighborhood has a set of chairs and love seats next to the coffee shop and magazines, set in a corner of the store. Nice and cozy. If you have one of these stores give it a try. Good luck!

  5. I am so sorry you are losing your bookstore. These things always make me sad. I hope you find a new place to enjoy.

  6. Borders closed down here in the uk like you it was a great place to meet,read with a cup of coffee.I miss that store so much