Friday, January 14, 2011

Vogue 1232

Vogue's new spring pattern line has been released and the feminine dress is back. I love pretty dresses, but, quite frankly, dress styles have not been so hot for some time now. Over the past two decades, I have become a skirt girl who also loves a great comfortable dress. I found two good winter wool knits this year - a pretty flouncy a-line by Klein and a black winter dress by Claiborne. I still love wearing my vintage Dior, but need some new pieces.

Because I don't find many dresses I like in ready to wear, I have been thinking about getting back to sewing some of my own clothes and this dress has sure raised an eyebrow with me. Isn't is beautiful? Reminiscent of my favorite styles of decades ago this pattern might be the thing to draw me back into sewing for myself. Check it out here.


  1. So pretty. I would add sleeves and make it a bit longer. I am older (59) too old for skirts so short. I bet it would be beautiful on you.

  2. I would just remove the flower :-) You could wear it in your hair instead. Sorry, I'm feeling a bit goofy at the moment. It IS a beautiful dress. I would be hard pressed to find the time...... Let us know what color you decide.