Monday, January 3, 2011

No Resolutions, But A Long To-Do List

Now that the holidays and anniversaries are behind us and there are plans to take down the tree, stow the wrapping paper and get back to living the daily life, it is time to work on my winter break to-do list. I have spent the better part of three days in the office. There are empty boxes stacked by the back door and books stacked in every nook and bookshelf cranny. It has become painfully clear that we do not have enough shelves, because of course we all know that you can never have too many books. I am hinting for John to take on a woodworking project and create a wall of books for us in the office. I hope to be done with the office today and move on to our bedroom. Here is the list in its entirety, I think.

Winter Break To-do List

1. Sit down and create family goals.
 2. Make professional goals - teaching and writing.
3. Revisit meal planning and make a new plan and update menu binder.

4. Make a domestic art plan which MUST include more creative time.

5. Unpack bedroom and make it a sanctuary - a place to relax, talk, and spend time with God.

6. Unpack and organize office. This means go through EVERY box. Make a storage plan.

7. Plan spring classes and make a plan to be even more organized than last semester. Don't forget to pat myself on the back for being better than ever this past semester.

I found this long, long banker's box of genealogy passed onto to me a few years ago. I have never payed much attention to it, but opened it up determined to "go through EVERY box." What I found were hundreds, maybe thousands, of pages of correspondence between my grandmother and others. Years of research. This is genealogy the hard way by today's technological standards. The letters are handwritten with an occasional typed page which always seems to have an apology written at the beginning for using technology to write. The box is full. I closed the top back up and decided this project needs to go on another list. There needs to be a plan.

I am envisioning putting all of this paper into an electronic format, but need to research the best way to archive, to organize. I wonder if there is some sort of standard way to do this. Do you know?


  1. I like the sound of a To Do list better than resolutions. It just sounds so much more 'doable'!

    I definitely need more shelving. We have boxes of books here, too. I am going to look at Ikea...they are supposed to have a very popular bookshelf unit. Goos luckk!


  2. I don't really have a suggestion for your HUGE box of geneology records, but I wanted you to know that I am extremely jealous!!! What a wonderful thing for you to have of your grandmother's!! I love exploring my past and learning about the ancestors from which I come from. I hope that you can come up with an organized plan so that you can enjoy going through the items and not feel overwhelmed. ~ I like your "to do" list, as well. I try to keep a "running" one all year and mark things off as I go. I should start a fresh one for the new year, tho! :)

  3. I read your to do list to Don and he said "that's not your list is it?" guess he wasn't really listening to me when I said I need to talk to John about marriage goals. Just affirmed what I have always suspected.

    I have tried to do some genealogy but would have loved to have the research that you have. Take care.

  4. Sounds like you've got some worthy aspirations for the coming year. I can only think as far ahead as tomorrow--back to school for the last two weeks of first semester. A former student of mine visited me at KHS a couple of weeks ago and had all sorts of wonderful things to say about you and your class, Kelly. Pierson Pinnell was my student as a freshman and again as a senior, and even throughout some very, very rough times he endured, he always loved to write. I'm so pleased he got matched up with a teacher who kept that love alive for him, and I'm proud of him for the success he's managed in college. Just wanted to pass along the really made an impression on him. Enjoy the rest of your break!

  5. What a list!

    I have not made any resolutions or even a to do list. Why am I waiting!?

  6. Good Luck with your "to do " list, Becky. It seems the bedroom sanctuary idea!

  7. Oh My Gosh! How I envy you that huge box of family history. How wonderful it would be to scan it all in and make digital art with it. The originals could be preserved in sleeves and filed in notebooks chronologically. Now all you need is time OR perhaps someone young in the house would be able to scan and file for you?

    Either way, each piece of paper is a treasure. Especially since we are approaching a paper-less future.