Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Miss Bee

Let me introduce you to Miss Bee. She is a new resident to my creative space and dons a perfectly delightful red apron for today's Rednesday. Hop over to Sue Loves Cherries to join the fun.

Miss Bee is a very sweet bee who has been found buzzing about reminding me of all the creative things I would love to be doing. She is forever buzzing the fabrics for sweet flowers.

She loves shiny ribbons and sweet trim.

She makes sure my creative hive is orderly and neat.

She likes vintage - especially anything vintage and red.

And, sometimes, she is silly.

The very best part of Miss Bee is where she is from. She is originally from Utah. Her skep keeper, Lori, is an amazing quilt designer and domestic goddess. Miss Bee was tucked in a giveaway package and I was thrilled. Check out her design talent here. Thank you, Lori, for such a buzzy sweet friend.


  1. Oh Kelly!! Miss Bee is adorable!!! I love her!! ~ By the way... you have a Blog Award waiting for you over at my site! ~ ((HUGS)) to you! How's your dad & mom?

  2. What a cute little tour guide Miss Bee is. Cute post.

  3. Love your Miss Bee...blessings

  4. What a precious post. I love your Miss Bee...so cute. I know you were tickled to death to find her when you opened up the package. Happy New Year...Genie

  5. I see that Miss Bee made herself right at home when I sent her over from my hive to yours....I made her an apron and told her to help you out and keep you busy!
    What a good little bee.

  6. Hey! I need her over here!

    She sure is cute and you, my dear, sure wrote an adorable post!