Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's A Wreath Thing

I love red front doors. This one is from the Feng Shui Society. Isn't it delightful? My front door is not red, but I would love it to be. My front door is bare. This is often the case except in December when a Christmas wreath hangs there. But, this year it was bare because I gave our wreath to someone who needed one last year. Now it is bare. Again. I had decided at some point that something welcoming should be on the front door year round. This sign was hung for Halloween. That was good.

I purchased a clearance wreath early in November, but it somehow never made it to the front door. There was a Christmas wreath..., but now things are bare. Again. I am on the hunt for something for Valentine's Day. I found this one which reminds me of the Christmas fabric wreaths we made in the eighties using this very same technique. I made at least a dozen. This one is made by Celeste at My Greenbrae Cottage. Find her tutorial here.

My baking kitchen door, or window, or wall may need need this one. How can I not love a wreath made of cupcake liners? Well? This cupcake liner wreath was made by one of my favorite bloggers, Jen, at Tatertots and Jello. She has also written a nice tutorial and you can find it here.

Then there is this great wreath. Can a book lover do this to a book? There must be a book I am willing sacrifice. I will have to think about it, but the wreath would look wonderful on the wall just next to the antique typewriter. Hmmmm. Check out the I'm A Yarner tutorial here.

There are hearts, too. Hearts would be good. Check out Jen's tutorial here, at Just for Rachel. Looks great on her red door.


  1. I'm a book lover and a librarian. I have a plethora of books that have been discarded that have sad pages or covers or both that would be perfect for that project. Just don't look too closely at the print or you might discover the book was about arthritis cures from the 60s! Falling apart craftable books are not that hard to find!

  2. I purchase books at the library sale $1 each for fabulous collage stuff. I vote for the vintage paper one! Love it. (OK, cupcake liner was nice, too)

  3. Great selection of wreaths, Kelly. I'm a big fan of the book wreath.