Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Request

I am one lucky girl. I have an aunt. Actually, I have a few aunts, but my Aunt Kathy is the one who is constant in my life, who has loved me through good and bad, and who is STILL waiting for me to finish her Christmas present and send it to her. She is patient. Don't worry, I will get it finished soon. The best thing about my Aunt Kathy is that she is an amazing sister to my mother. That is a gift indeed and I treasure and love her for it.

Now, what I am making for Aunt Kathy is thoughtful, but somewhat practical. There is also something really sentimental and I am very excited.

But, when I posted about the Copenhagen Pillow yesterday she sent me this post and I think I may have an idea for next Christmas, but I will need her help and yours. Here is her comment:

"I love throw pillows too, George not so much. I would love one to match the poinsettia afghan that your grandmother made me 31 years ago. I still treasure it and the happy memories of mother it blesses me with. Maybe some day I will have a matching pillow to go with it. Okay I'm ducking. I am shameless with my hint. Love you. Aunt Kathy."

We were all blessed with afghans from my grandmother. Mine is a hot pink granny square that is now draped across the bottom of my bed keeping our feet warm at night. My brother's was a granny square American flag. We all love our blankies and I am lucky to have also inherited grandma's love for the hook and yarn. The problem is that I have not been back to California for Christmas since 1999. I remember the Aunt Kathy's blanket, how she kept it on a chair in her formal living room for Christmas, but don't remember the pattern specifically. I am leaning toward the hexagon granny with flower.

I am hoping Aunt Kathy will pull out her afghan and snap a couple of pictures. Hint, hint, hint. It would help a lot. Oh, and I could not resist sharing this amazing cake I found in my search.

It was created by Roxanne, The Cake Engineer. Check out her blog and you will be inspired.

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  1. Kelly I will email you a picture but the last picture you have on your blog is the same pattern that your grandmother made me.I love you so much for taking the time to find the pattern. Love, aunt Kathy