Monday, November 15, 2010

Spooky Windows

I am not quite finished with sharing our Halloween fun. Today I will share our home. I still have costumes and friends to share with you. Apparently, this is a big deal holiday for us. I know it is for our new neighborhood. This ghoul certainly had an amazing time this past month. We are not the scary type of Halloween revelers. We like fun, cute and sweet. John strung our pumpkins and tulle.

Each pumpkin held a small light to glow in the dark.

This is my adapted version of a Mary Engelbreit Home Companion idea from a few years ago.

A few signs were added, because, of course, we are lovers of words.

Grace and I ducked out for a few mums then played in the dirt a bit.

Then, there was a little silliness. How could there not be? We were all running around barefoot in the sunshine - in October no less. No complaints, though.

We like lots of pumpkins and tucked some here and there.

We hung Edgar Allan Crow in the wonderfully old Dogwood tree by the front walk. He stood watch well. He doesn't mind giving up his busy life to reside in our yard. In his spare time he enjoys Crow-quet, Crow-chet, and likes to take long rides on his bike made by the Crow-magnon guy downtown. Sorry. I could not help myself.

We were quite pleased with our holiday adornments, then I glanced across the street. You see, there is a house there, an amazing bungalow of yellow, green, and brown. The residents of what has come to be known as The Holiday House go all out for Halloween and Christmas. I mean all out.

To our North is a house that is actually transformed, with a sewn and painted house cover, into the Adam's Family house with Tuesday, Festus and Cousin It handing out candy. To our south, a scary, nightmare surgeon's ward where children must reach inside a patient to retrieve their candy or a liver. Needless to say, there is a lot of pressure to stand out on the big night, to be popular with the kids, and to do it well. Being newbies, I figured the neighbors were not expecting much, but I was. So, I did what every red blooded domestic, apron wearing, goddess would. I bought the Halloween edition of Martha Stewart magazine and began planning.

A trip to the local stuff mart yielded two rolls of weed block sheeting and a box of good old-fashioned school chalk.

I ran to the fabric store for twelve yards of drapery lining. Carrie and I made a plan. Libby and Lydia helped design and Martha Stewart inspired.

We sent John out for green light bulbs. Carrie and Libby traced and drew. Lydia cut then I sewed and glued late into the night. An image hung, by curtain rod, in each window. We had cats.

And, bats.

And, more cats.

And, a residing witch stirring up a wonderful brew of fun. We were thrilled with our results and we certainly gave the neighborhood something to talk about.


  1. That looks like such a lot of family fun. I loved the silhouettes in the windows.

  2. Wow! Perfectly festive. Love it!

  3. What a great post. It's nice to see real togetherness. I hope all your days are joyful. Blessings...Mary

  4. Da Bomb Diggity!

    I'm told that means something like, amazingly well done. Which it is. Your house decorations.

    We now go to O'Fallon on the 31st to be with our grandkids. Now THAT is hot diggity!

    Cathy M. ~,O

  5. Oh my gosh!! Talk about going all out! I love it. I think that's one of the things I miss the most about Halloween in the US--people here don't do much decorating for it. Your house is beautiful!