Friday, November 5, 2010

Did I Mention The Candy?

Our neighbors have been kind to us the newbies on the block. We have been invited to parties, enjoyed over the fence chats, and done some serious teacher to teacher talk. We could not ask for better neighbors. They told us to expect 500-600 trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

I bought some candy and some more candy. And, then, I bought some more candy.

We ran out mid treat night and bought more candy.

By 7:30, the candy was gone and we were forced to turn out the porch light. I think I need a candy fund. Maybe I could write a grant?


  1. 500 to 600 kids????????? OMG, at the busiest I never had this many years ago!!!! I agree, you need to start a Halloween Fund at the bank! LOL Sandy

  2. Sounds like you live in a wonderful neighborhood! What a blessing! :)

  3. What a contrast to what happened at our house. Although I was in Houston, my husband bought a package with 8 candy treats to hand out and had 2 left over!
    Mary Ann in Livermore

  4. My goodness...where DO you live? Disney World?


  5. I love your blog Kelly, It is so fun and interesting. How did Miss Lucy fare this halloween?
    Love Aunt Kathy

  6. That sounds like a wonderful neighborhood! What fun.

  7. Wow! That is mind boggling....

  8. I haven't had that many trick or treats if you add up ALL my years in this house. LOL I love the Halloweeniday and wish I could get 40 or more coming to my door!!
    Have fun and start you candy account now!!

  9. Holy Cow!

    I think we gave out a regular sized bag of candy. Tops.