Friday, October 1, 2010

It Is Scene

Yesterday afternoon LibbyLu and I were in the van. If this kid is going to talk, it is while we are in the car. We need to spend more time in the car. The ride home from school usually begins with me asking about her day. Apparently, they do nothing at school most days. Today was different.
LibbyLu: "I have a boyfriend."

Me: "Oh?" (Oh, crap! Okay well at least she is telling me.)

LibbyLu: "Yes."

Me: "What is his name?" (So, if he touches one head on your head I can hunt him down and take care of business.)

LibbyLu: "His name is Logan. He asked me out today."

Me: "Oh, is he a nice boy?" (Gee, what kind of question is this? I have got to get it together. I want her safe, to feel safe, to talk to me.) Where do twelve year olds go? How do you go out? (Okay, maybe I need to cut back on the sarcasm, but seriously, it's not like I am going to let her go out. She smiled a bit. Okay, stay in mom mode.)

LibbyLu: We don't go out. We go out.

Me: (I need a tween dictionary.) "Well, that's nice honey." (Nice? Hardly. I hate this. Okay, think of ways to ask about Logan without asking about Logan. Don't be a drill sergeant, though, or she'll stop talking. Drop it for now and ask about him in the morning. Something like ask if he is on the football team. That should be okay. And, be there before school gets out to not allow for undo fraternizing.)

Middle school has been an adventure for LibbyLu. I was dreading this time for her as my middle years were not easy. She seems to be having the time of her life.

She likes a guy (hate this) named Logan. I liked Mark, but he did not like me.

She wears skinny jeans. I wore Dittos.

She has tons of friends. I had a select few.

She goes to a tough urban school - one of the oldest in the district (fodder for another post as we re-evaluate the possibility of private school). I attended a new suburban school.

I drive LibbyLu to school so she can benefit from an International Baccalaureate education. I took a school bus.

She says she is "Scene." (Thank goodness for Google or parenting would be even more treacherous.) I was a geek - and not in the good way.

She listens to Skillet. I liked Peter Frampton.

She wants "Scene" hair. See above. I had feathered bangs then cut my hair into a Wedge like Dorothy Hammill in eighth grade.

She is cool, but is not getting "Scene" hair no matter how much she begs. Put the eyeliner away for now sweet girl. Your time will come.


  1. 12 back in my day
    no that I look back
    it is ok...and worth it. Hindsight
    is wonderful.

    We have a 14 year old, 15 in Dec...sometimes its easier and sometimes not. He is not mommy's little baby anymore so he likes to tell me..and talk about sideburns...yikes. I told him no
    girlfriend...there is plenty of time, you need to find out who you
    are first.. Our mothers made it through, and so will we dear friend
    but it is scary...

  2. I had 2 sons. One was a clone of his dad and old before his years. The other probably took after me, poor child. They both made it to adulthood and have families of their own so all these gray hairs were for nothing.

    It's good she wants to talk to you, even if it's limited. No way I would want to be a young person in this day and age. The fifties were tough enough.

  3. Such a coincidence, Kelly. I was just reading one of my senior girl's education timelines today, listing moments and memories from her time in school, and one of her entries was about being "so scene." I had never heard that term before and now I see it twice in one day! I guess I need to get with the program. Good luck with your girl...I was boy-crazy even before kindergarten and it never went away! Good thing I found one nice boy to be crazy about the rest of my life.

  4. Dittos! I totally forgot about them but I did have a Dorothy Hamill Haircut!

    I too have tread the delicate ground of sarcasm, unbelief, hilarity and horror when speaking with my daughters. And that was on both my side and theirs!!!

    Have fun!

  5. I work in a local university advising office. There is a student who has come in twice wearing a shirt with Peter Frampton on the front. So far I haven't commented on the shirt, but I am curious as to why young adults today wear shirts with 1960-70's rock stars on them.
    I still want a Dorothy Hamill haircut.
    I don't know what there is about the car, but yes, my daughter and I still do most of our talking there (she is 25 and graduated from college this year).
    Those bowls in your icon - my mom has that set. Still uses them all the time.

  6. Many students on our campus wear Bob Marley and Hendrix t-shirts, and I am always curious about whether they know that music of if they just like cool t-shirts.

    I may have answered that question myself on our trip to Memphis. At Sun Recording Studio, we bought t-shirts, and my favorite has Howling Wolf on back, just because it is cool. Although I know the name, and have a basic idea of his history, I admit I had to look up his music online. My favorite so far is "I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)."

  7. oh wow, what a great post! I don't have kids but I work in a shop where teens and tweens frequent and wow, they are a completely different species with a completely different language these days!!!!!
    The scene haircut is not as bad as an emo haircut....!!!
    Loving your great blog XXXXXXXXXXXX

  8. I loved Dittos! I'll put money on it that my Mom still has some in a box somewhere! I have not heard the term "scene" either...hmmm...I guess that will be the chat on the way home today with Trisha.
    Love and miss you!