Saturday, September 18, 2010

You Must Be Kidding

This is my opinion and I am allowed to have it. I live in a community of ignorance and denial. I see this in my profession and in my avocation. This is a response to another person's opinion.

You are kidding. Right? This is the last kind of guy I want my children to be exposed to. I hope he is not actually teaching at MSU - an institution of international awareness and academic achievement. How humiliating this must be for his employer. I am a taxpayer and I want control over what my children read...the more they read the better. Has Scroggins been in the real world? What will his children do when they are exposed to the real world? Run? Duck? Bury their heads in the sand? Since we find children often follow the footsteps of their parents, then it looks like their only option is the head in the sand. Pity. They live in a city of hypocrites. Thank you, Mr. Scroggins, for clearing this up for us once again. What we might not be aware of is that those outside of Springfield are not stupid, they see us for the hypocrites that we are. How can they miss? There are huge churches on every other corner while adult shops and bookstores grace the opposite. I refuse to raise ignorant children who think that proclaiming to be Christian is enough. It is not enough. We talk a good game here, but would fail if we had to play the real game outside our city limits. If I want my child to have a Christian education, whatever that is, then I will see to it that it happens. I want my children to know what is to come, what they might face, how the world really is and what others are capable of. Stay off my bookshelf, bub. I am the mom. I make these decisions and I want good books, classics and contemporary, in my daughters' classrooms and libraries. If I didn’t, I would home school. This is a choice. You made a choice to censor what your children read, I choose to do the same. You choose to homeschool, I choose not to. If you want to complain, do more than pay your taxes. Stand behind your convictions, send your kids to school, then I will be happy to set a soapbox out for you to talk about books. You do not speak for me. You do not know how I should parent best. My best parenting advice for one of my children today is to avoid this man's class next semester.


  1. What a great picture to go with this response.

  2. Kelly! I am with you. In order to learn how to respond when thrust into the real world our kids need to know what is "real." Not some clean, sanitary, "we aren't having any of [fill in the blank] in our house/community" world.

    It has been my observation that the kids who are the most "sheltered" are the ones who completely bust loose when they leave home for work/college/the military.

    Keep up the good fight Kelly!

  3. Bravo. Banning books for all is insane. It is a crime that there are those that think they know what is best for the rest of us. Perhaps it is more that they believe we need to be spoon fed only their own opinions. keep writing about the inequities of those kinds of opinions!