Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where's Art Linkletter when you need him?

Hey, Mom?

Yes, Libby?

You know Callie? The girl you met last night? My friend?

Yes, I remember.

Her mom is way cool.

Really? How so?

Well, she has an awesome car. She drives a little yellow jeep, and she has jet black hair. And, it’s spiked! And, she listens to cool music all the time.

Libby’s banter pauses as she gathers her binder, purse, and hoody. The door opens and her right foot reaches for the curb as she calls back to me.

And, she’s in her thirties! See, ya!

She beebops up the steps in her skinny jeans, her straightened hair fighting its natural wave in the morning rain. I watch for a few seconds longer than usual then find myself in the rear view mirror, adjust my graying curls, push my brand new, designer, tri-focals back into place on my nose, turn up the volume to better hear NPR and pull the mini-van safely into traffic.


  1. Oh Kelly sweetie...
    I am laughing and laughing on this one. Oh you are SO good. I love it. Just love it.

    To heck with the 30's and spiked hair and dumb music, I love the grey curls, they are natural, and our tri-focals at least we can see, and who doesn't love a mini-van?

    Oh I love it, just love it.

    Thank you for the smiles and laughter tonight. I so needed this. Love the picture too. Sure do love my MOMA.

    Have a gorgeous day tomorrow sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Kelly-
    I've been reading your blog for several months, these post today I can totally relate to. I get this from my youngest daughter. I, too, just turn up NPR a little louder when she starts telling me about all of her friends with young parents~ Ha!
    Love you blog and your new home--very lovely!
    Sue in Cincinnati

  3. Well your mama told you there would be days like this! You could remind her that when the dance is over she will be going home with you. I don't believe it will change anything but we have to hang on tight to the hope that with tomorrow being another day there is always hope. Okay, I have no more cliches up my sleeve, so I will say good night closing with the realization that she will be sitting in the drivers seat some day when her daughter reminds her gently that she is old fashioned, listens to weird music and drives a dorky car! Love to you daughter of mine. Mom

  4. Yep, in another 30 years, she'll hear the same kind of thing, and will again be thankful that you let her live.

    Cathy M.

  5. I had many things to say until I read your mom's comments. Can't say it any better.

    I bet spiky hair momma does not have as many wonderful women in her life...

  6. LOL...so funny Kelly!
    Our daughters certainly do have a way, don't they?...I wonder if she'll remember what she said to you when her daughter says the same thing to her?...
    Your writing is fabulous....what a great post!

  7. Hi Kelly. When Kristi was 12 she gave me a crystal ornament etched with the words "Mother is another word for love" I hung on to those words for about 10 years when it became true again. Hang on, this too will pass.