Sunday, September 19, 2010

Once I get an idea... sticks with me.

I search. I seek. The idea begins to take shape.

The shape becomes something more tangible and the desire grows, turning and twisting.

I forge ahead in research becoming obsessed with the images and the inspiration.
The idea begins to take the form of a dream. I become attached.

I begin to plan.

How can we do this?

Create a way to find ourselves again.

Thank you all for your inspiration. This is something to look forward to. A dream to come true.


  1. We have had many Rv's big and small. Since retirement we have been full time (6 months at a time) until recently. Also a VW camper and, though it was tight, we loved it. Loved looking at those beautiful campers. Remember Lucy & Desi in the movie "The Long Trailer", such fun.

  2. Oh my goodness!!
    I went to Seaside, Florida over the summer, and they had the cutest little aluminum campers that sold CUPCAKES.
    Imagine my extreme excitement!!
    Sadly though, they were closing up for the night by the time I got there. :(