Friday, September 17, 2010

An Amazing Giveaway!

I am never, ever, home to watch all the wonderful do-it-yourself shows on crafting, quilting and sewing and because I am never ever home, I am too busy to remember to record these shows. But, the Internet and Kim and Kris of the DIY DISH has made life far more creative at lunch time every other week.

Kim and Kris are also the creators of You Can Make This and SWAK Embroidery. I love YCMT and am currently making a dress for Lucy from a pattern I have purchases online at YCMT. In fact, one of my favorite apron patterns, The Duet Apron Set, is avaiable at YCMT by clicking here. Isn't this sweet?

I made this one with white spots and oranges.

Kris and Kim are having a wonderful giveaway. They are giving away one of these.
And, one of these.
You should enter. Have fun!

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