Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Berries

Teachers do not get summers off. Don't let anyone tell you any different. If we are home, and not teaching on campus, or online, we are thinking about teaching and thinking is working. We can't help ourselves. It is an innate trait in teachers to want to teach better every class session, every semester, and ever school year. This is work. But, summer does bring more down time. More pleasures to enjoy. We love movies in the park, tennis matches and baseball games. And there are the strawberries. I want to eat these sweet red gems every day of summer. It should be required.

This summer is a little different as movies, tennis and baseball is harder to do with a ten month grand daughter in tow. Now, we roll the ball across the hardwood floor, over and over, wash bottles, over and over, change diapers, over and over and over and over, and read books about ladybugs - many times a day.

We don't mind. We get smiles galore, kisses a plenty and laughter as sweet as summer rain. This summer is different, but it is as good.


  1. I'm a teacher, and right there with ya! (Except for the sweet grandbaby part- not yet!)
    Keep enjoying your down time, pokey

  2. I am not a grandmother yet, but I know that like you I will enjoy every minute of it.

  3. Good Morning Kelly!!!

    I just love your blog! The pictures are great. And I love snagging recipes!

    I made the blueberry jam last night!!! Good Stuff!!!

    ~ Susan

  4. Hi kelly...
    I'm a new grandma too...We have a 16 month old grandaughter Sophie that I get every Friday. She's so much fun...but yes, we are on a different schedule for sure!
    I love your photos...I just took strawberry photos over the weekend to share on my blog! I can't seem to get enough of them either:)
    x lori

  5. Enjoy your summer and your time with your grandbaby. I love the Ladybug book!

  6. Kelly, I do think you are enjoying THIS summer "break" from school! Elizabeth

  7. I think I know that book by heart!
    Our 3 year old grand daughter has me reading it everyday!

    Being Grandparents...pure heaven!

  8. I LOVE that book! Even if a person never opens it, it just squeals FUN to me.