Thursday, July 1, 2010

Green Eyed

I seem to be a bit of a whiner this week - just fair warning here. I love to thrift and find treasures. I love dishes and linens and love the hunt. But, there is one thing I love, love, love that I do not want to hunt and that is Cath Kidston goodies. I am jealous as a girl can be of all of you that have easy access to CK and her wonderful goodies. I love the fabrics.

I love the posies and roses and colors.

I should be wearing these on rainy days.

I will take three of each. Maybe a half dozen of the spotty pink mug.

Yesterday, I received a sale advertisement via e-mail. I subscribe because the colors, patterns, and goodies make me happy. When I notice the Red Spot Knitting Bag was on sale, I decided to be brave and order it all the way from across the pond.

I steered my browser to the website, signed in, changed my account information to reflect our new address, and clicked the spotty good bag into the cart. I was pretty excited. I clicked continue. The bag was marked down to 17 pounds $25.45). A little high for a bag, but I have been pining away for so long. The shipping calculated. 20 pounds $29.95). Sigh. Clicked cancel. Continued dreaming.


  1. Okay, my comment vanished, but I just wanted to say I hope you do find some way to get the bag!

  2. Those beautiful pillows need a white wicker swing and a nice cool front porch.

  3. I love her stuff too. I have looked many times, I particularly love the fabrics, and the dishes, and the silverware. Actually I think I love everything she does!

  4. Ahhh, yes. Cath Kidston. I was in one of her stores once upon a time. There was SO much to see. There were TOO MANY choices. I was overwhelmed (it takes alot, too). I ended up purchasing 2 dish towels after making my family watch me browse for almost an hour. Let me tell you - I do love those towels :-)

    I also love that applique pattern show 2 posts below this post. Wowzers! (You could make it with CK fabric!)