Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Only Place to Begin

There is only one place to begin as I come back to write and that is to say thank you. Thank you for waiting. Thank you for following, and thank you for your patience. Life is sometimes far busier than the blog can handle. Sometimes there is only time to live leaving little time to blog, but I am sure we can catch up. There is much to share. I have been busy working and living and there has been little time to blog. I miss blogging and I miss you all. The biggest and busiest task has been our move. We are blessed beyond belief to be able to move into a most beautiful home. I posted a sketch at left a few weeks ago. I thought I would share some of what I love with you today as we still turn sideways to skirt boxes and still work to find a home for the things that live in our life. So, walk with me as I share our new home with you.

Our new home will have a birthday soon. I am already thinking of ways to make this a proper and rightful celebration. I am spending part of my summer learning as much as I can about the history of our home.

The exterior is welcoming, crisp and clean. The style classic, four-square, and a good sentinel to our neighborhood.

The columns add an air of her importance to the history of our city and the shutters character. She is tall. She is looking forward to swags befitting Independence Day.

A perfect front window for a Christmas tree. The lights should twinkle warmly through the panes.

My piano rests, awaiting a good tuning, by a beautiful staircase.

The front door lets in good light to this space. The front room is spacious, light, and full of the details I love.

Look at this beautiful morning light.

My great-grandmother's china hutch has found a home she is comfortable in. She does not lean to the right in this room. The china is still in boxes, but not for long.

Throughout the house are tiny things that make me smile. There are many glass doorknobs. Shouldn't all doorknobs be glass?

Here is the banister upstairs.

Beautiful tile and details in the girls' bath.

The quilt mom made for me will feel at home in our new suite.

There is a beautiful sun room off the master bedroom that is perfect for Lucy's crib. She loves it and sleeps well here as we all do in our new home.

Our office is the most brilliant shade of teal which makes the molding pop. This room looks out on the neighborhood and I have positioned my desk to make the most of daydreaming.

One more floor up is my space..."a room of her own." Through this door and up these stairs...

A sweet attic space still riddled with evidence of moving.

A perfect space for Aunt Bee's featherweight.

There are a couple of interesting surprises to blog about later.

The kitchen has tile counters, tons of cabinet space, tons, and some open shelving for bowls, or maybe milk glass, or maybe my vintage Pyrex. I cannot decide.

I am thrilled to have an amazing and large laundry room, but as we head out the back door, we pass through a favorite room of mine.

Welcome to my baking kitchen.

Through the baking kitchen and out the back door is a sweet screened in porch. A perfect place to rest, to knit and to chat.

The screen door off the porch makes that wonderful fwap sound all good screen doors should make as children scramble outside to play in the summer. As the sun sets the sound announces their arrival, hungry, tired, and sun kissed.

The backyard is full of wonderful surprises.

Colors are tucked here and there.

A little landscaped and a little wild, this space is calm.

In this space resides a most amazing, most huge, and most beautiful tree. The most beautiful and stately in the neigborhood I should think. The girls think he needs a name. He stands grandly next to our home.

Thank you for coming to our new home.


  1. OOooohhhh you must be in heaven finding homes for your treasure in this beautiful home! I can't wait for the blog posts as each room takes shape...have fun living in your Forever Home!

  2. I love it Kelly and I am almost jealous, okay I'm a lot jealous. Can't wait to see it. I am so happy for you and your family.

  3. That has to be the most gorgeous home! I love all the little details (yes - all doors should have glass door knobs!). I think you found my dream home. Can't wait to see more as you settle in.

  4. Hello Kelly,
    Well there used to be a show in the UK called 'Look Through The Keyhole!'. Where viewers were invited to take a look into others' homes. I have certainly felt like that today!
    I just love the sun dial, the window you showed, I loved the idea of the aprons up at the window. Do you keep them there? What a wacky idea if you do!
    I have put a link on the two blogs for the Inside Crochet magazine, so you can see our article. I think it works, if you'd like to pop back some time and see for me that would be great. You can turn the pages hopefully and view all the wonderful crocheting and the SIBOL PROJECT PAGE.
    Enjoy your new home Kelly, you are one lucky girl!
    It is so bright, beautiful I love all the white.
    Why are all your houses so....big over there? and ours so small?
    Bye for now,
    Love Suex

  5. It is a beautiful home. I have to admit...I am a tad bit envious...but happy for you..can't wait to see more. LLLLLLLOOOOOVE
    that claw foot tub....and the aprons in the windows...what a wonderful place and adventure....Have many happy years in your new home, and filled with

  6. oh....and the glass doorknobs....
    equisite! They are so awesome arn't they, graceful, sparkly and and purposeful...

  7. Well, I thought so before, but now I'm convinced...we're sisters, separated at birth. (You got all the tall, though.)
    We love the same sorts of things (aprons, stoneware bowls, cake stands) words, adventures, and outlooks.
    Our house was built in 1929. We love it because of the character inherent in hardwood floors, white trim, dormers and large trees. Coming home is such a joy.
    Next time you're in F-town, make Henry bring you by. We'll sit in the shade and sip lemonade.

  8. Kelly! Oh my gosh, your new home is stunning! When can I move in? ;)

    Congrats on the move and finding the perfect place for your growing family. What a blessing!

    Warmest wishes home.

  9. Wow, girl! When you come back to blogging you make an entrance :-) So much new in your life and so much busy in your life. It all looks like the perfect place to land. Mr. Majestic Tree is looking pretty grand, too. And screened in porches? I think that Cath Kidston would like to do up your porch. Love the aprons in the kitchen window, too. Makes you want to bake right now instead of organizing, I'm sure. But what fun to find the perfect place for all of your things. That is one of the heart-warming things about moving. Can't wait to see more. . . .

  10. I am so excited for you! It is fabulous! That kitchen is to die for...Glad you are back!

  11. Welcome back. I have missed your musings and though I see you often, it is good to check in and read your posts and see pictures of your life. i also love your apron valence again. Hope you are back for a good long while, Mom

  12. The house looks absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  13. Oh! I love the screen door that goes "fwap!" I keep telling my husband that I want screen doors that go "bang, bump, bump" just like the doors on the cabins at the summer camp I went to as a girl. I grew up in a house built in 1910 (the year of our Lord, the year of Haley's Comet - which my parents found written in pencil under one of the corbels on the porch pillars when they carefully took them apart to repaint them and fix the rotten wood). Old houses are ...well, can be, quite wonderful.

  14. Beautiful house, beautiful thoughts you've expressed. I love, love, love the aprons on the kitchen windows!!!

    It will all come together, and you'll forget how much work it was when you get to sit down and enjoy some lovely quality time with your littles. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  15. What a BEAUTIFUL home you have! The aprons as curtains are a brilliant touch, I've never seen that before, and it works beautifully. Really, your home is exquisite. Love Vanessa xx

  16. Your home reminds me of the Victorian house I grew up in with all the nooks and crannise and TALL ceilings. We could have a 14 ft. tree with room to spare. I just thought it was an OLD house never appreciating the historical value of that home until I was grown, married and moved far away. I would love to own that home because the current owners have not been kind to the grand old lady who was "born' in 1898. Enjoy your Grand Old Lady!
    Gmama Jane