Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summertime Teaching

I am teaching this summer, again. What happened to teachers having summer off? I tell myself it is okay because I need a new couch, a new desktop computer, and frames for pictures and fabric, and yarn, and books. Oh, and we are still using plastic bins for nightstands. I hate that.

This summer is different than those past. I am teaching online from my home office (Only this corner of my desk looks this good. There are still boxes everywhere even though John claims to have unpacked 38 boxes of my books.). This is a new experience for me and I am struggling a bit, but new ways are often a bit of struggle. What I do seem to be adjusting to easily is teaching barefoot with an apron on, any time I darn well want, by a window with the sounds of LibbyLu, Cubsey and their friends floating in the air. They love having girlies their own age to play with. They love the new freedoms they have earned like taking walks with friends and playing at the nearby playground. Girls fill the house. There has been a lot of hooping going on in the front yard. Last night, there were six of us girls for supper. I was the oldest and Lucy the youngest.

Lucy has been here a week, while her mother is away, and she likes teaching online, too. We have had such good, good, grandma time.


  1. Oh, that Lucy is a doll!!

    Good luck with your summer job, Kelly!


  2. Lucy is a cutie and teaching from home shouldn't be too bad...remember to pause ans sip some lemonade!

  3. Yes, I've unpacked 38 boxes of books, but that doesn't include the three boxes of books that remain in the living room, the four boxes of books in the basement, and the eight boxes of books still unopened in your sewing room. Who needs a library card, right? Love you....

  4. I took almost all of my college classes online and loved it!!! I felt like I could talk to the teachers and have my questions answered. We would set up a time online, say Sundays from 9-9:30 where everyone would be online together and chat, ask questions etc. I have had some of my best teacher via the internet!!! Good luck!

  5. Grandma time is the best! I'm back in Kansas and have been missing my Boogie...