Sunday, June 27, 2010

If I were a quilter...

If I were a quilter like my mother, I would make this quilt for me. I love the idea of the applique, but quilting does not appeal to me. Sigh. The pattern is Roseville Album. If you are thinking of making it for me, you can purchase the pattern here.


  1. It is beautiful. But what a lot of work! If I were making it for you, I might have it done for your 95th birthday...

  2. thank you for coming by to visit me :) i wish i could quilt. i've seen so many beautiful quilts. i have a friend that makes beautiful quilts. i live through her :)i enjoyed my visit.

  3. Kelly! I can't tell you how happy I was to hear from you. So many times I would check to see if you were back on your blog. Now I have scrolled backwards to catch up. What a wonderful thing has happened in your life! Your home must surely be your dream come true. When I think of you now, it will be with aprons fluttering on the breeze in your baking kitchen! So glad to have you back. We have all missed you! Elizabeth