Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How much?

My life is, well, quite busy, quite crazy. You all know what I mean. So, I get this e-mail about the new Brother sewing machine. It is a special edition - Laura Ashley.

I don't need a new sewing machine. Really. I have a Kenmore which is nearly thirty years old that runs like a workhorse should and a Babylock sewing machine which is about 15 years old. I have learned to work with its personality and feed-dogs that don't drop like they should and sit like they should in order to feed fabric correctly. I have adjusted to it and have been happy with it. It's a little clanky, but so am I. I have also adjusted to the idea that I cannot afford, and likely will never afford, a Bernina. I can live with that. But, this new machine looks promising. The sewing surface is not tilted. Oh, I would like that. It sews in 8 different directions which is great for home decorating projects and large pieces, like say, a billowy lake for the school production - that was 50 yards of fabric, mind you. There are other attributes that interest me as well, and it meets the basic minimum Kelly requirements, but I won't go on about that.

What I can't seem to find out is the MSRP - $$$$$! What the heck is with that? It' s not like I can just drop everything - laundry, grading, lesson planning, softball games, Lucy, dinner, unpacking - and run to my local dealer. I just want a clue. Geez. Here is a message to you manufacturers (Yes, this means you, Brother.) and dealers out there. If I can't afford the sewing machine, I won't buy it no matter how cool it looks, sounds, or sews on the showroom floor. You just might miss sales with busy people like myself. It seems dishonest. What are you all hiding besides the price?

***Update*** - Beautiful machine. $2999.00.......really!

P.S. I don't use this logic with certain other purchases. I did buy the iPhone because I thought it cool...but the price was right and it has proven to be ever so practical.


  1. Oh Brother! Did you say clanky or cranky?

  2. HI there, I just found your blog from surfing the web late at nite. I love it. If it makes you feel better i just changed my four year old pfaff for the new Janome 7700 (with a twelve inch throat) and have no regrets.........even thou I may eat mac and cheese for two months!