Sunday, June 13, 2010

Change Your Mind

In many student posts and discussions, I read negative comments students make about their writing, or English abilities. Language is a powerful thing. You will never succeed unless you change your language and change your mind. I used to be one of those who was “never good at Math.” In college, I changed my mind and changed my language and surprisingly discovered a gift for Physics I never knew I had. Physics is the ultimate Math and I ended up a paid TA in the Physics department for two years allowing me to leave college without debt. Go figure. Change your mind and open it to the possibilities you never thought possible.


  1. What??? Wow--I had no idea you were a physicist. Impressive. I finally got an A in a math class in College Algebra one summer at Drury by finally doing the homework, figuring out I could do it if I really listened in class and tried. I had (and still sometimes do) plugged my ears to Math for so long, but you're right that we can do so much when we rearrange our attitudes. Hope you're having a great summer! I would love to see more of your new looks lovely. Absolutely lovely. How exciting!

  2. Great post! I changed my mind and am now carrying a camera -- imagine that, snapping photos where ever I go now.


  3. Thanks for sharing this Kelly. I won a writing prize in high school and have always wondered what would have happened if I pursued it.

  4. Changing our minds is what makes life so grand. Love this post. Me and math...well we didn't get along very well but I'm still learning.
    Take care and God Bless. Have a great weekend.