Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reading the Script and a Growing Cast

Rehearsals began this evening for Arthur's Stone, Merlin's Fire, our Fine Arts Production for the year. I am busy, once again, with costume design and coordination. I have help this year, but this help comes in the form of a class comprised of seven students. Each student is on a team, one is the lead, and each member of the team contributes to a larger project while also creating a character. I still control design and I still make it happen. It is an adventure. This year's production is a contemporary play set in an Arthurian time and legendary place. There are chess pieces, ravens and water maidens. Merlin is not so old as we know him through Hollywood and Arthur has yet to pull the sword when the play begins.

Along with my responsibilities, Gracy and LibbyLu are in the cast. This makes the days longer. Yesterday ended at 10:00pm. They were excited after first rehearsal. I was excited to be borrowing real chain-mail from a cast member. There are helmets as well. The chess pieces will be warriors, of course. Arthur is not yet king. Morgaine is there. She is the raven, but we don't know this in Act One. Spirits are high as no one is tired yet. The process is long. Opening night is April 30.


  1. Okay, then, I'll see you guys in May....

    Love you!

  2. I know we will not hear much from you during the next couple of months. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest!