Sunday, March 14, 2010

K.C. Cheer

The girls begin practice about four weeks after the school year begins. They practice only one hour a week. This year, LibbyLu has moved up to level two. This meant new uniforms, basket tosses, attempted back handsprings, which we are still working on, and new friends. Some girls are level two cheer girls from last season, many on LibbyLu's team have moved up and now they are good sized team - seventeen in all. Not too shabby for a recreational team with no gym of their own. They practice at a local elementary school with a coach determined to make cheer available to every little girl who wants to try.

We all headed to Kansas City this weekend to compete. Although LibbyLu has yet been cleared to cheer, she went to support her team, her coach and her friends.

Lauren has tough hair to curl. Her mom leaves the rollers in until time to warm up then I step in and coat her with a cheerleader's best friend, Aqua Net. Isn't this a great picture of Lauren and her mom? A good mom moment.

The venue was not a comfortable one. Here the girls warm up on concrete with coach Mindy prompting and LibbyLu wishing she could stretch too.

The music was loud, the excitement high. We parents scooched up to the mat as close as allowed and yelled our girls on, "The blue, black, and silver...lock it out Kaylee...

...there you go!"

You may not be able to tell, but there is a hole right in the center front of the team. This is LibbyLu's spot.

She was front and center, but not where she wanted to be. She did help the girls remember to smile. I know this was hard for her, but she had great cheer hair.

There was a little Marcarena while waiting for awards. Both teams did a great job this weekend. Yes, that is us, the parents, sitting on the concrete. Oh, the pain.

When it was announced that the team won FIRST PLACE, the girls pushed LibbyLu on to the mat to collect their trophy and banner. What great friends she has. I felt good for her and I know her spirits were lifted.

I think we are lucky to have a team made up of such fun, silly, kind, smart and thoughtful young women. They are everything but the cheerleader stereotype as they are reaching out and breaking the mold. I think that is great. LibbyLu is making friends of all ages.

She shared her weekend with sister, Cubsey. This is one of the good sister moments I love.

LibbyLu and Chanel are such good, good friends. Chanel pulled off her back handsprings this weekend and laughed, laughed, laughed at herself when she bounced off her butt on the last run. I like that about her...she bounces back!

Coach Mindy is proud of her girls. She sent the trophy home with LibbyLu. It spent the day right next to LibbyLu and will go back to the team at practice on Wednesday. This was hard for LibbyLu. I am so proud of her.

You sparkle, LibbyLu - even without the glitter. I love you.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful girls. I was so proud of all of you.
    Libby, I was especially proud of you. I think your team mates felt pretty special to have you there supporting them. Lots of hugs all round. Mom, kudos for you as well. You have stepped up and become a genuine cheer mom with standards Libby can see and feel. I love you both, Mom,Mimi