Monday, February 22, 2010

GracieLu's Tiramisu

I am so thrilled that the girls are learning the extraordinary value of a homemade and heartmade gift. As new aunts, they have sought ways to give Lucy a bit of themselves in very special ways.

This Tiramisu Blanket, a design by Alicia Paulson, is a very special gift from Aunt Grace to Lucy. You can get your own copy of Alicia's beautiful pattern here.

The color combination of brown and pink is a favorite of Lucy's mommy. Lucy travels in style with her cozy new blankie and matching outfit and pumpkin seat. I am so proud of GracieLu as this was a six month project. It took a good deal of patience for a first big project.


  1. Funny I just printed off that pattern from Posie Gets Cozy just yesterday. Yours turned out truly beautiful.

  2. Oooo, it's beautiful :) What a wonderful job Gracie did making what will become a cherished heirloom.
    Smiles, DianeM

  3. Hi Kelly
    Lucy is adorable and she looks very happy under her brown blanket. The pink ribbon threaded through is the perfect accent on it too.
    hugs, Rhondi

  4. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  5. Grace is so talented. What a sweet gift for Lucy. She must be very proud of her accomplishment. I might ask her to make one for Kristi's baby and I will pay her to do it.